Hy, i loved your newsletter, its really helpful. I am also a fellow creator just like you. Could we do a written article of things your grab wisdom from internet. My audience will love to see you, just let me know about it.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by Tina Huang

Hey! Greetings from Colombia, in the other side of the world.

I hope you get better everyday, specially know I see you have a routine, that helps a lot.

Remember to rest, to change some parts of that routine sometimes.

About anime, it's kind of sad, from another weeb :P

However, you can explore another media o just take a break. I think some things are with you just for a part of the road and help you to reach a point of your life and that's simply ok.

Keep yourself strong and focus. And, as somebody said: work hard but always remember to play ;)

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I would definitely love to see a video on your daily routine while in quarantine in China. It would be a great reminder to your viewers that covid regulations are still strict in international countries even though they have diminished immensely in the United States. In terms of anime, I would like to finish up Spyx Family and finish the Demon Slayer manga. Need to get back into it after being out of touch from it for a while. Thanks for these weekly newsletters with such insightful information.

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It's strict in some international countries but not all of them. In fact, in some countries, it's as if covid never existed and if anyone does get covid, they are no longer hunted down and need to quarantine under the government's orders. Granted, in the country I'm talking about, almost everyone is boosted.

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Humans driving species to extinction isn't surprising considering there isn't a similar alpha species to keep us in check. Not saying I want one, living in fear isn't a good thing. Any creature that is a remote threat is done away with completely or controlled until its relatively no threat. But we expand, reproduce, and seek ways to improve our lives with disregard for its effect on the nature terrain and other living creatures - other humans included.

Generally speaking, I know not everyone will do this to extremes, but everyone does it to an extent. Putting up trees for shade in the late afternoon may hamper the natural light in the morning of a neighbor. This is minor, and regardless of right-by-law to do this, its still improving the life of one with disregard of another. This kind of natural habit, and society encouraging people to do what feels good to one's self while other people's opinions be damned, will lead to the current situation on earth sadly.

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hi tina! thanks for sharing your quarantine experience with us 🥰 what has been your favorite quarantine meal so far? 🍱

hm I wonder if putting your shoes on is related to chaining your habits when starting your day 🤔

hope to catch your next live stream!

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I would love to see a quarantine vlog!

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First of all, good luck for your quarantine days. It certainly is unlucky!

On the other hand, I think that isolation these months gave us the opportunity to self reflect and understand our inner workings.

I liked the part about doing something to repetition until eventually liking it. I observed myself in these months feeling a resistance towards stuff I didn't feel familiar enough (like coding), but eventually starting to like it the more and more I just repeatedly practiced.

I think it's very interesting to see how your brain can change solely when you're exposed repeatedly to something. Maybe we can like everything eventually if we're exposed enough? 🤔 Dunno, but for sure I can say it happened to me many times (especially with food 😂)

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Ya, humans can be a drag sometimes. On the bright side, countless species have already gone extinct way before humans did anything, so we aren't the only reason things go extinct. The thing that worries me though, is that we don't learn from our mistakes and we end up destroying our planet's ability to sustain life. That would be the real bummer. To cheer you up, there is a forest in southern Chile/Argentina that has mini-animals. Miniature deer and jaguars and whatnot. Look up the kodkod and the pudu. They are so cute!

I liked how you described your writing process and how you use it to "brainwash" yourself. I have thought about it like that before myself. Or being your own parent. You work with yourself to process how you are doing internally. Like a parent would for a child. Take them by the hand, walk them through their emotions, then tell them that everything will be okay and offer comfort, and finally help them solve their problem. When we do that for ourselves, we begin to open up and get to know ourselves. It is a pretty cool concept.

I read a story about this girl who had a little clicker that she took everywhere. Whenever something happened that made her happy, she would click it. This went on for a while, until someone asked her why she keeps doing that. She said that the auditory association her brain makes to happy things can be used later when she is sad. It is like Pavlov's dog. She "brainwashed" herself to get happy when she hears a certain noise.

Sorry you are quarantined. It isn't on the top of awesome things to do in China. I hope you get back on your schedule soon without anything else happening. Cheers and Good Luck :)

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Hey!! How are you doing?? This week had a lot ups and downs and it's not even weekends yet, i am scared 💀

And that pic makes me so sad :((((( can covid go already ffs

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Have you considered reading manga Nee san ? I read Demon Slayer, One piece cuz I'm tired of fillers and also Black clover cuz they're taking too long :3

I think you may enjoy it ! I thought I really was never a manga person but it somehow catches your interest and makes you focus and fill in the blanks (sounds, colors, OST .. etc) which is somehow a good feeling.

And yes to vlogs !

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I'm not gonna lie, I'm starting to feel the same with anime. There are shows I wanna watch, but I just get occupied with other stuff and become less interested in it for a bit. It's kind of odd. And I can relate to having a boring routine, but making sure I talk to someone within at least 2 days. I can honestly go almost a week without talking to anyone at all. It's pretty bad 😂.

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Great content! I would love to listen about Chinese COVID Quarantine as well!

I think species extinction and creation of new species is just a natural process. Many species in natural history became extinct without any influence from human (e.g. dinosaurs).

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I just realised that you can comment on this! Pls do a week in a life of Chinese Covid Quarantine, it sounds interesting (that and also to make sure that you're doing okay despite how life is an emotional rollercoaster!) <3 love your content!!!

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Please do China vlog! Even if it’s about you losing it, we can lose our shit together lol

It’s true that it sucks how wherever we go some things tend to go bye bye. We really need to learn to coexist with our planet. However wouldn’t it be detrimental for us to exist if some of the species that have gone extinct were still around? I’m referring specifically to the giant versions of animals that still exist today if that makes sense.

Do you have format for the things you write down or is it just a straight brain dump? I ask because I tried doing something similar but instead of writing it was recording myself, I know right I’m freaking weird lol. Nah but I want to start writing down my thoughts more, I can’t really stand my voice after hearing back the recording lmaooo

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Official fan boy of Tina's character and all the fire content she puts out for others benefit / satisfaction.

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