Digital Nomad since 2017, here. I think it's worth trying. My only regret is not paying close enough attention to the legal and tax stuff early on. Getting that right later in the game makes life unnecessarily complicated and expensive. Also, I wish I had gotten comfortable with Western Union sooner. Their page and app are older than dirt, but when it works it's a great resource.

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IMO, SEA(and specifically Bali) offers a more fulfilling experience as a digital nomad compared to European cities that I'm currently visiting. It was easier to meet-up with people at events to find a community with amazing co-working spaces in Bali and affordability was a definite plus. However, given my introverted nature, making friends always poses a challenge no matter where I go.

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I haven't read Uzumaki yet, but Tomie is one of my all time favorite horror stories. I believe that being a digital nomad only works for people from US, Canada, Europe, because of their economies. Sadly it's pretty hard for most of the rest and there's the issue with gentrification too.

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I am a baby working nomad (only one year thus far) and I can say that it was one of the only two reasons I studied CS in the first place.

This is totally biased and a bit too specific to my case but here goes nothing:


- I can follow my partner as he moves around countries for his studies without worrying that we always have to find work in the same place

- I learn many different languages through immersion and a little bit of studying

- I get to visit my family in Greece without missing out on work


- Flexible schedule means I have to enforce all the discipline myself (hardest part is discipline to rest xD)

- Moving is very stressful for me (especially with my cat Skoni)

- When changing jobs (I guess freelancers/creators don't have this problem) there is always the stress of negotiating the fully remote aspect, but so far it hasn't been much of a problem. I have found that with enough confidence on my skills I have always been successful in having the upper hand in such negotiations.

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